Sometimes, asset-intensive companies work with a third-party contractor to assist with a BoM building project. There are quite a few reasons for this. For one, building BoMs are expensive. Much time, resources, and expertise are required for successful completion, and not every asset-intensive company may possess the required expertise. In this case, it would make sense for these companies to outsource their BoM building rather than embarking on a project without adequate resources.

There is nothing wrong with partnering alongside a third-party to build a bill of material. However, it is important to iron out any kinks along the way. Just like any group project, specific tasks are assigned because one person cannot do everything themselves. Different people have different skillsets and therefore specialize in certain aspects. When a company outsources its BoMs, they can run into a few issues with the client overseeing the project.

When enlisting the help of a third party, it can be challenging to closely supervise the project’s progress or measure the quality of progress taking place. In addition to that, third-party contractors usually charge by the hour and are expensive. They also don’t always use productivity tools that simplify the construction of BoMs, often building them in spreadsheets and the client then transferring the data into an EAM system. In such cases, a company is paying for a third-party contractor to ineffectively build a BoM in a spreadsheet and likely won’t be there when you run into problems when you first use the BoM. Once again, it is your company’s choice as to whether building BoMs with a third party is the best option or not. But with everything you do as a business, it is important to be fully aware of any challenges that may come with it.

You need a cloud-based solution

Third party contractors may not have access to productivity tools or cloud-based software. Cloud-based solutions make it easier for asset-intensive companies or third party-contractors to build BoMs. It is easier to track progress, with everyone having easy access. There are also many more tools assisting with editing, reviewing, and even visualizing. Not to mention the opportunity for added security.

The NRX AssetHub solution is cloud-based and has many features for editing, reviewing, and visualizing. If you are interested in our solution and would like to learn more, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you.

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