Ever wondered what preventive maintenance could do for your organization? Diving deeper into preventive maintenance analysis can help you find areas to reduce maintenance costs and ensure asset longevity. Usually, it is difficult to set up PMs in EAM systems, so instead, the same PM is assigned to multiple locations and equipment for convenience. At the moment, it may seem as though you are saving time configuring your EAM, but unfortunately, across many assets, this practice can result in wasted time and maintenance costs.


Common challenges for maintenance and reliability teams:
  1. Identifying costly PMs: Some PMs may be taking the most time and costing the most money, which is a challenge for maintenance teams since they need to accurately identify these PMs to cut costs and stay within budgets. There are places where PMs are unnecessary, and as such, understanding the relative impact of each asset can help determine if PMs would be ideal or not.
  1. Understanding the need for new PMs: Figuring out whether creating a new PM for some of the subset of equipment could reduce maintenance costs can be challenging to assess.
  1. Implementing changes: Using EAM systems to manage PMs and work orders can help your organization stay on top of tasks and workflows. However, some maintenance teams do not know how to make use of the tools available on EAM systems efficiently, and as a result, they end up missing out on crucial details and fail to update their EAM efficiently. Training members on how to leverage EAM software can help ensure easy tracking, scheduling, and productivity.

The bottom line 

Performing preventive maintenance from time to time can help prepare your organization for unexpected breakdowns, and at the same time, it can help lower costs. With preventative maintenance analysis, you can go in-depth with your data and identify those areas which take up most of your time and costs. If you would like to learn more about how NRX Work Order Analysis can help you understand your PMs closely with dashboards, click on one of our resources below, or book a demo with us to help you achieve meaningful insights from your PMs.

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