This week, we’ll cover two more significant industries that would benefit from employing maintenance BOMs in their daily functions. Now that we’ve seen just how integral they are in the automotive and smart device markets let’s see what BOMs can provide in the Energy Industry. 


First things first, oil and gas are very versatile commodities. It’s fascinating to see just how many different products are produced from oil and gas. From upstream, midstream and downstream operations to the many intermediary and finished products, there are a lot of processes, machines, and materials that are integral to keeping these supply chains working efficiently.

Of course, keeping these processes streamlined from end to end is challenging. All stages of the process benefit from using maintenance BOMs via an enterprise asset management (EAM) system. Learning more about converting crude oil into its many derivatives is where we’ll find out why BOMs are so critical to this process.



Modern offshore oil & gas platforms can typically contain close to a hundred thousand different maintainable items.   Managing the spare parts required for all of this equipment some of which can be technologically complex is a challenge.  The trend is also to have less people and spare parts offshore so having visual parts catalogues and BOMs for the equipment provides a real advantage for planners and engineers onshore who are planning work and selecting parts.



Once extracted, energy is transported to refineries, where it’s processed using many different technologies. Energy is converted into thousands of intermediary products like plasticsgasolinesasphaltdieselrubber, and many more.  These products are then distributed and incorporated in final products across hundreds of different diverse industries. 

With all the different equipment and processes involved in the downstream energy industry, maintenance BOMs and visual parts catalogues are a real advantage. 


How We Can Help You

The NRX AssetHub solution provides features such as a powerful search and visualization to help ensure accuracy with your spare parts data. If you are curious about our solution, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you!


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