At HubHead, we provide software products that help our customers focus on the integrity of their foundational asset and maintenance data. To address data integrity issues, we inevitably need to help our customers look at, fix, and trust the data in their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. Improving data integrity and quality helps our customers develop lower cost, highly productive maintenance plans and unlocks value from their substantial investments in EAM technology. At HubHead, we have determined the quality of experience and value of your EAM system correlates 100% with the quality of the data that is stored in it.

Sometimes we get questions from customers asking if our NRX AssetHub software product is a data stewardship or data governance tool. The simple answer to that question is “Yes”. NRX AssetHub is both a data stewardship and data governance solution (depending on how you use it, of course).

To clarify the answer, it is helpful to think about the differences between “tactical” data stewardship problems and “strategic” data governance issues. Rachel Haines of EMC provides a great blog that succinctly summarizes the subtle differences between data stewardship and governance. Basically, stewardship is about the short-term tactical tasks of defining data, business rules, identifying data sources, addressing quality and remediation tasks. In the EAM context, data stewardship boils down to looking at your base data and fixing it.

Governance, on the other hand, is about longer term strategic issues like collaboration, quality goals, data ownership, controls and communication plans, along with policies, audit trails and processes. Again, in the EAM context, data governance is about who owns and controls the data, who is responsible for maintaining it and keeping it right and trustworthy.

It turns out that a well-designed data integrity and staging tool like NRX AssetHub can help customers focus on both the short term data stewardship and longer term governance issues. NRX AssetHub provides a simple way for customers to acquire data from all applicable sources, define the business rules that should be applied, and conduct quality assessment tasks and bulk updates to remediate data. It also provides the necessary ownership and publishing controls to let customers address and manage what data gets loaded into their production EAM systems and the process to track, trace, audit, and manage governance processes that are needed.

Bottom line, both data stewardship and data governance matter to NRX AssetHub customers who need a solution to both short-term and longer-term asset data management issues. To get the most value out of your EAM system in asset intensive industries, you need a data staging tool to help look at and fix existing data, and maintain and control it over time.
Nigel Stokes | @MindAngler
Chairman & CEO

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