Managing huge numbers of equipment tags to identify and track assets can be a lot of work. That’s why so many companies struggle with their equipment tag management. Unfortunately, some of the processes used by companies today have resulted in inconsistent, duplicate, missing and out of date equipment tags.

Is this your struggle?

Most companies begin by using simple tools such as spreadsheets to track the next available sequence numbers to keep the equipment tags unique. Others use a tagging database to track the sequence numbers, but may experience delays waiting for an administrator to assign them. These home-grown systems are not only error prone, a seemingly inexpensive solution becomes costly due to the administrative overhead.

There are a number of companies that use naming conventions for their equipment tags. This information makes it easier to identify and track equipment throughout its lifecycle. However, companies still need a system in place to enforce them. Again, a manual system becomes cumbersome and difficult to enforce.

Efficiency- The Ultimate Goal

The daily operations of asset-intensive companies is strongly dependent on the performance of their physical assets and this makes up a significant portion of their operating expense. The equipment tags can be used to capture useful information, but it’s only useful if it’s easy to decode. Therefore, the need for a naming convention is vital. However, because there are no industry standards for tagging equipment, each organization must find and define what works best for them. No matter what, the most important point to identify once you’ve defined a convention, is that it’s easy to implement and follow. In other words, efficiency is key!

What do companies using NRX AssetHub do to manage equipment tags?

NRX AssetHub provides a single, web-based solution accessible from any browser, making it easy to request equipment tags. It provides forms that prevent invalid selections or mistyped entries, and assigns tags upon request. The system also ensures that the tags are valid and unique, avoiding duplicate equipment tags. Furthermore, NRX AssetHub loads tag data from any existing database or spreadsheet and from EAM systems. It automatically determines the next available block of sequence numbers, and allocates them as requests are submitted.

What are the Key Benefits?

By implementing a process to manage tags, your organization will:

  • Easily conform to corporate standards for tagging assets in a meaningful manner
  • Avoid human errors and delays that can result in costly retagging or mistagged assets
  • Automatically ensure tags are complete, unique, and approved
  • Speed up the allocation of tags

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