Effective spare parts management can save asset intensive businesses money. Yet, many asset-intensive organizations may find themselves struggling to find and order spare parts efficiently. This often results in inefficient rushed orders where parts information is only tracked down at the last minute.

Waiting for spare parts is a frequent cause of delayed maintenance work resulting in inefficient operations.  Effective spare parts management can help reduce costs, achieving at least 10% savings in ongoing maintenance and operations. You can read more about spare parts management and cost savings here

Here are some of our tips to help improve your spare parts management…

Build Solid Data

Is your data complete and accurate? Collaborate with your maintenance personnel and or contractors to ensure that you are creating high quality EAM-ready data. By validating your data with maintenance professionals, your data will be complete, accurate and fit for purpose. Reliable data will simplify your spare parts management, as employees will be able to choose the correct spare parts efficiently.

Utilize Illustrated Parts Catalogues and Bills of Material (BoMs)

Building detailed BoMs that are connected to the procurement system will help placing orders. Moreover, accurate BoMs can help you with scheduled preventive maintenance. Although building BoMs for each and every equipment can be time-consuming, it may be efficient to create BoMs for equipment that requires recurring parts order.  Even better than BoMs, are illustrated parts catalogues which hotpoint parts on vendor exploded parts diagrams so that planners can choose parts visually and maintenance personnel can identify parts accurately.

How We Can Help

NRX AssetHub, is a complete solution for improving spare parts management. It helps planners and schedulers to find correct parts quickly, making the procurement process easier. Our solution works with your EAM system to help create and import BoMs and illustrated parts catalogues and connects them with your existing assets and data. NRX AssetHub helps to improve the efficiency and simplicity of your spare parts ordering process.

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