Factories today are more intelligent and efficient than ever before. Behind the scenes; planning, supply chain logistics, and operations are all playing into increasing the efficiency on a factory floor. Smart manufacturing machines are collecting information and relaying huge amounts of data that can be utilized to improve processes. Making use of IIoT, managers can completely integrate all information to make informed and real-time decisions.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Many companies are increasing sensor capability to collect large amounts of data, but they struggle to sift through and make use of the information hidden in it. Pioneers in smart manufacturing have been able to collect valuable analytics from this data. This specifically includes predictive analytics used to prevent and predict failures in systems, improving factory reliability and safety. Manufacturers can also optimize their just-in-time manufacturing schedule so that orders are completed on time and re-tooling time is minimized.

Transitioning to Smart Manufacturing

Analyzing data properly can improve many areas of a business including safety, sustainability, product quality and cost of operations. To make use of big data, companies need to have an organized data source that is complete and accurate. The initial data infrastructure must be in good working order before it can be used to make real-time informed decisions. There also needs to be a means to build and collect new data in a standardized format. Without the initial data architecture, IIoT platforms are inefficient and impractical.

How NRX Can Help You

We help our customers plan where and how to implement IIoT and condition monitoring for maintenance and operations. Our NRX AssetHub solution helps customers manage their asset and maintenance data required to successfully implement IIoT across all of their key systems including manufacturing, production, DCS, EAM, CMMS, reliability and other systems. If you want to learn more about how we can help you prepare for your IIoT initiatives read more here or contact our team to book a demo.

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