When it comes to maintenance activities, quality underpins everything. Most organizations strive to keep costs low while maintaining high-quality. However, costs associated with maintenance activities such as reactive maintenance, arranging spare parts, and last-minute repairs can increase costs and damage your ROI. Planning and conducting routine maintenance checks can help lower costs associated with these activities.

Reasons for your high maintenance costs: 

Using spreadsheets: Gone are the days where spreadsheets can accurately keep track of your maintenance work orders. Spreadsheets are a costlier option in the long run and can waste valuable time. Also, it lacks real-time data, which can delay the decision-making process. Without a continuous flow of data within a spreadsheet, it becomes difficult to organize and keep track of work orders. Essentially, wasted time is wasted money. Opting to use CMMS software instead can help you stay on top of maintenance orders.

Neglecting regular maintenance: It is natural for an asset to face damage and regular wear and tear during its lifetime. Failure to repair and conduct routine checks on the asset can result in early damage and high replacement costs. Instead of waiting till the last minute for your asset to break down, be up to date with ongoing maintenance activities so that the asset is serviced on a timely basis, which reduces the chances of damage.

Failure to standardize work order processes: What happens when there are no rules in a game? Everyone is free to do what they do, and there is no single winner. This is similar to work orders as well. When there are no clear and established procedures set in place for work orders, workers may use inefficient methods that waste time and effort since there may be work gaps and inconsistencies in the quality of work. Through work order analysis, you can create set templates that can be used widely in your organization, thereby eliminating data gaps.

Act now to reduce maintenance costs 

Overall, planning and making use of good CMMS software can bring down costs and increase asset uptime. Regular maintenance checks should not be neglected since servicing is critical in lowering maintenance costs. Moreover, creating an excellent preventive maintenance plan can help you optimize your maintenance operations. To learn more about how NRX Work Order Analysis can help you plan and strategize with dashboards, click on one of our resources below, or book a demo with us to help you achieve high-quality maintenance

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