Do your maintenance workers find it difficult and tedious to enter or update data in SAP PM notifications or work orders? Do your notifications and work orders tend to be missing important data, or contain incorrect information? Would you like a way to improve the quality of the information and historical data? Or a way to make complex maintenance processes simpler?

We can help.

Better maintenance, increased efficiency, lower cost. NRX Maintenance Mentor lets our customers proactively solve information quality challenges for SAP Plant Maintenance. It provides a framework for customers to simplify and streamline their EAM processes. It simplifies work management for Mechanics, Maintenance Schedulers, Operators, and Supervisors and gives management the critical information needed to make the right decisions at the right time.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which our customers have used and benefitted from using NRX AssetHub for simplifying SAP Plant Maintenance processes.


Improve the Quality of Information in SAP PM Notifications

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps our customers ensure that the data included in a notification is complete, accurate, and informative by providing a simple customized interface for their SAP Plant Maintenance system. Our customers use NRX Maintenance Mentor to guide their maintenance technicians through a series of questions, collecting detailed information, and populating data where required. Together, these form the basis for a meaningful, precise notification that is quick and simple to create.


Capture all Required Data in SAP PM Work Orders

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps our customers ensure critical steps are completed, and key information is entered in work orders by providing a customized, wizard-driven interface for their SAP Plant Maintenance system. NRX Maintenance Mentor guides maintenance technicians through the process of work order creation and closeout to ensure that work orders contain all the information a technician requires to efficiently and effectively complete work. This allows maintenance personnel to execute work orders faster and reduce errors involved in the process.


Ensure Inclusion of Activity, Cause, and Damage Codes

 NRX Maintenance Mentor helps our customers enforce the processes that ensure the data they need is included in every work order or notification. It provides an easy-to-use front end to SAP PM. Our customers use the NRX Maintenance Mentor to make key fields in SAP PM mandatory, thereby ensuring that maintenance personnel include all necessary information before they are able to close out the work order. The NRX Maintenance Mentor ensures that this process is quick and simple, and makes it easy to capture failure codes, or any other data required to accurately perform reliability analysis.


Capture Detailed Data in SAP PM Work Orders for FMEA

Companies use Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) to review components, assemblies, and subsystems to identify failure modes, their causes, and their effects. A successful FMEA helps to identify potential failure modes based on experience, thereby requiring complete and accurate failure data when problems arise. Usually this data is captured in a work order. But if work order data is incorrect or incomplete, an accurate analysis is not possible. NRX Maintenance Mentor helps our customers ensure data required for FMEA is easily included in work orders with a user-friendly front end to SAP Plant Maintenance. Customers use it as a guide for maintenance technicians to improve FMEA data and maintenance efficiency.


Reduce the Time and Costs Required for SAP PM Training

 Companies whose maintenance personnel are required to do “paper work” on SAP invest significant time and money on formal or on-the-job training. SAP PM users find creating and updating notifications and work orders to be a cumbersome process. We here at NRX AssetHub are here to help. NRX Maintenance Mentor provides a simple interface that can be readily customized for each customer’s preferences. This includes setting fields as mandatory to reduce omissions, providing selection lists to prevent errors, and even automatically populating fields based on previous responses. This provides significant cost savings on training initiatives and allows maintenance personnel to decrease “paper work” and increase wrench time.


What Our Customers Say:

  • “Operators creating notifications increased to 98% from 28%
  • “Duplicate work orders were reduced by 85%
  • “Reduced improper codes from 32% to 2%


If you would like to see a demo of how NRX Maintenance Mentor can help you with maintenance initiatives, give us a call.

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