For asset-intensive companies, finding and ordering spare parts is a hassle. Maintenance personnel need to be able to easily figure out what spare parts are required when equipment breaks down or requires routine maintenance. Companies struggle with finding and ordering spare parts because of information that was entered incorrectly or incompletely during rushed work orders.

Many asset-intensive organizations rely on effective spare parts management to reduce costs and keep operations running smoothly. But when it becomes difficult for your maintenance personnel to find and locate these spare parts, it will hinder the efficiency of the company.

How to speed it up:

  1. Design illustrated parts catalogs for equipment

Building illustrated parts catalogs will allow you to connect equipment in the EAM to identification numbers in the procurement system. This will allow planners and workers to select replacement parts quickly and accurately. It’ll also reduce costs associated with misordered parts and increase wrench time!

  1. Organize vendor documents and link them to locations and equipment in the EAM

Having your documents organized in a logical and consistent matter ensures that search indexes of vendor documents remain in sync with your assets. This also ensures that it updates the indexes automatically as your assets/asset attributes change. This will allow maintenance workers to find vendor information quickly and reduce downtime.

  1. Create accurate equipment data

When creating accurate equipment data, you want to make sure that the building process is collaborative, iterative and highly transparent. Make sure you collaboratively edit and validate data with your maintenance personnel and/or contractors, and deploy high-quality EAM-ready data when finished. This ensures that data deployed is complete and accurate, and it avoids costly data cleansing projects in the future!

Here are a few other things that you can do to help you find and order spare parts faster and more effectively.

  • Build detailed BOMs for equipment
  • Add pictures of spare parts and storage bins to equipment in your EAM
  • Create accurate equipment information in the EAM

A combination of all the above options is even better!

Trying to improve your spare parts management? We can help! NRX AssetHub helps our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% and helps our customers achieve savings of at least 10% in on going maintenance and operations.

Want to see more tips on how you can order and find spare parts faster? Download our tipsheet here, give us a call at 1-877-603-4679 or book a meeting. We would love to help!


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