Is your asset-intensive company struggling with compliance issues that result in high costs? Are you having trouble verifying that the maintenance plans and inspection tasks programmed into your EAM conform to your corporate performance standards? Or, are you finding it difficult to update these items in your EAM system because your corporate performance standards have changed? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time to implement something new. Most asset-intensive companies that work with EAM solutions or third-party contractors struggle to conform to performance and reliability standards. These issues are not unique to your company. So why exactly do these problems persist? Let’s take a look.

EAM Solutions

EAM solutions are not designed to easily visualize, review and edit the maintenance plans associated with locations and assets. You are not able to click on an asset or location and see the associated maintenance plans and performance standards easily. Why? Because maintenance plans are not associated with performance standards in the EAM. There is no simple way to search for gaps in the data or all equipment associated to the same performance standard. You cannot automate the process, do it in bulk nor have a maintenance expert edit the details in an easy-to-use interface. There is no way to document which assets and locations have been verified as compliant in the EAM solution.

Third-Party Contracting

So why not just hire a third-party contractor? A key issue is that it is more challenging to manage them and oversee their work. As maintenance domain experts, they are typically hired to make recommendations on performance standards and ensure they are applied appropriately to locations and assets. They do not manage compliance. In addition, if they are not using productivity tools, this will also result in high service costs.

What can you do?

The NRX AssetHub platform software will completely change the way your company deals with compliance issues. Our software solutions load, assess, visualize and report on EAM data quality. Configured with custom fields and filters, NRX AssetHub helps automate the process of associating performance standards with locations and assets. It also confirms that performance standards are correctly associated, maintenance plans are highlighted properly and the process is documented accurately.

Want to Learn More?

NRX AssetHub provides maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems. We help our customers get their CMMS data right. To learn more about how NRX AssetHub can help your organization, please contact us at 1-877-603-4679 or book a demo today!

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