Looking for a way to reduce your maintenance backlogs, improve your maintenance strategies and save on SAP Plant Maintenance training costs? Many asset-intensive companies struggle when it comes to finding the perfect solution to help ensure that their corporate guidelines for notifications and work orders are met, with more complete, accurate and meaningful results. So, what exactly do you need to look for in a solution that helps your company using SAP Plant Maintenance to enforce better maintenance processes and accelerate data input for maintenance personnel? Let’s take a look.

A reliable solution must…

  1. Improve the Quality of Data in SAP Plant Maintenance Notifications

When facing maintenance notifications that contain limited detail, it often makes it very difficult to determine what they refer to without following up. Sometimes the information that they contain may not even be correct. Your maintenance technicians are wasting valuable time decoding the information to determine the correct priority, the affected equipment and what action is required. Having a better solution that improves the data quality in your SAP PM notifications ensures that the data included in a notification is complete, accurate and informative. It will also help your maintenance technicians save on wrench time as well!

  1. Capture All Required Data in SAP Plant Maintenance Work Orders

Most maintenance technicians dislike data entry, and yours are probably no different. They dislike complete detailed work orders and work order closeouts are probably not their number one priority. Thus, these technicians may skip steps or omit critical details that they business requires to properly maintain assets.

  1. Ensure Inclusion of Activity, Cause and Damage Codes

Detailed information about maintenance and repairs need to be captured within work orders. Often companies struggle with incomplete information in notifications and work orders. This data is highly critical for a company to accurately project future maintenance requirements and perform any kind of reliability analysis. Having a solution that consistently captures activity codes, cause codes and damage codes allows you to more accurately use your data to predict failures and perform reliability analysis.

  1. Capture Detailed Data in SAP Plant Maintenance Work Orders for FMEA

A successful FMEA activity helps to identify potential failures modes based on experience and therefore requires complete and accurate failure data when problems arise. If your work order is sketchy or missing, it is impossible to perform an accurate analysis. Your solution must be able to capture accurate data in a work order so that you can better allocate maintenance resources and focus on the areas that provide the best return for the company.

  1. Reduce the Time and Costs Required for SAP Plant Maintenance Training

Having maintenance personnel log in to SAP to perform their “paper work” often wastes a lot of time and effort with training. SAP PM users find creating and updating notifications and work orders to be a cumbersome process. A good solution must help you save on SAP PM training costs, so that your maintenance personnel can focus on maintenance. Having a solution that helps your maintenance personnel focus on maintenance rather than doing “paper work”, will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for work order closeouts and ultimately increase wrench time!

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