Construction bills of materials are crucial for any project requiring assembly. However, once assembled, equipment requires regular maintenance updates to extend use. This warrants a new list of maintenance materials through a new BOM.

Transitioning from construction to maintenance data brings a need for coordination between each respective BOM. This is compounded with many existing CMMS systems failing to properly facilitate a migration from construction to maintenance BOMs.

Complications with Sourcing Construction BOMs for Maintenance

Moreover, by not adopting a new maintenance BOM, users will face difficulty assessing which parts are needed specific to maintenance repairs in the long run. Lists containing hundreds of initial assembly items are ineffective at providing updated and accurate replacement part data for future repairs. In effect, users could accidentally order obsolete parts instead of the necessary maintenance parts.

Therefore, new software such as NRX AssetHub helps users manage and repurpose construction BOMs into maintenance BOMs. Doing so without the hassle of creating a completely new bill of materials ensures user downtime is minimized.


How We Can Help

HubHead’s solutions can not only ensure that you are able to easily create accurate BOMs but can help to improve the quality of BOMs. We can do this by helping you to create, edit, visualize, review and approve maintenance BOMs effectively. To learn more about how we can help you build better BOMs, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.

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