Trying to reduce downtime and order spare parts faster, while keeping operations running smoothly, should not be a difficult and stressful task for an asset-intensive organization. Unfortunately, in most businesses, this task is very challenging, especially when separate organizations are dealing with different problems. During repairs or routine maintenance, often times organizations do not know which parts are needed or how to order them.

In addition, separate areas of the organization deal with each of these problems, making the process highly inefficient. When the equipment breaks down or requires routine maintenance, maintenance personnel need to be able to figure out which spare parts are required to complete the work. But what happens if your documents are not up to date? Or it was never entered into the EAM system in the first place? A task that should be simple is now tedious and time-consuming.

So let’s say maintenance personnel identified all parts needed to complete the work. They must then pass off the task to another organization that is responsible for the supply chain and procurement of parts. Problems typically arise because the procurement group may not be able to find a part that already exists in the procurement system which enhances the inefficiency of the whole process.

So what are your options?

  1. For locating the correct spare parts faster you can build detailed BOMs for equipment, create accurate equipment information in the EAM or add additional maintainable items to the asset hierarchy in the EAM.
  2. For simplifying the parts ordering process you can automate the parts request process with a simple form to enforce data governance and easily capture the information needed by the procurement system.

There are many other tactical solutions that can be used to make improvements and simplify the process as well, but if these solutions are not working for you, we can help.

Many companies use NRX AssetHub to locate and order spare parts faster because we are a complete solution for improving spare parts management. It operates in both the EAM/work order world, to help find and select the correct part quickly, and in the procurement world to help make it easier to order the correct spare part.

Here are the solutions that we offer:

  1. Build illustrated parts catalogues that are associated with equipment in the EAM
  2. Easily view the list of vendor-recommended spare parts for an asset in the visual parts catalogue
  3. Organize vendor documents and link them directly to locations and equipment in your EAM
  4. Build rock-solid asset and maintenance data easily and quickly, ensuring that your equipment data is accurate for your EAM system
  5. Provides a flexible, customizable form and email-based governance and workflow around requests to add, delete, change or replace parts and BOMs either one at a time or in bulk
  6. Automatically naming parts based on its class and attributes as you create it or run a job to rename existing parts in bulk
  7. Provides an out-of-the-box class and characteristic library for parts with support for customization and the ability to load third party libraries

Interested in how you can reduce downtime by using NRX AssetHub? Find out more about how we can help your asset-intensive organization reduce misordered parts, save money and locate accurate information faster.

Resources Available to Help Find and Order Spare Parts Faster

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