Many asset-intensive organizations depend on the data in their EAM or CMMS systems to drive the maintenance practices that keep their business running efficiently. When you have poor data quality that is incomplete and inaccurate it affects your company as a whole.

The Consequences of Poor Data

Effective and efficient are two terms taken very seriously in an asset-intensive organization.  Effective and Efficient work management needs a good insight of the process and skills required. Without the complete and correct records of your EAM and CMMS data, you cannot really define this. When you have incomplete and inaccurate data, you expose your work tasks and maintenance plans. You probably are also not allocating your resources efficiently either. The average hours that a technician spends directly performing maintenance activities in many industries is less than 40%. If your data is incomplete and inaccurate, a technician must locate and verify the information that they need to complete their work  before actually  doing their real job.

What Poor Data Can Lead To

When experienced workers of your company retire, obviously you have to fill the gap they leave behind by having a thoroughly documented IT system. These systems lay the foundation for information that companies need in order to support the next generation work force. If you don’t leverage all the information that is required, your company will be at risk of incomplete and inaccurate data! Your company will not be able to create comprehensive maintenance plans and strategies, nor will you be able to set best practices for maintenance plans that can be adopted across the enterprise.

Poor Data and Maintenance Costs

With poor quality EAM and CMMS data, comes an increase in maintenance costs. If companies typically spend around 5-10% of their annual revenue on maintenance, think about how much you’ll have to spend if you have to constantly pay for reactive maintenance. Not to mention, reactive maintenance is 2-5 times more expensive than planned and predictive maintenance! What else drives up your maintenance cost as a result of poor data? If your data is inaccurate, it is hard to find critical spare parts, especially when those parts are urgently needed. Your company will also face issues such as having an incomplete preventive maintenance plan and task descriptions.

Fix Poor Data Today!

NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a software platform designed to help them quickly and easily identify and repair the gaps and inaccuracies in their asset and maintenance data in their CMMS or EAM systems. Our customers rely on our solutions to help guide them through the complex process of rectifying differences between their physical assets and what is digitally represented in their CMMS or EAM system. In other words, NRX AssetHub is a data-cleansing solution that makes it easy to repair and redeploy the critical data that our customers need to effectively maintain and operate their assets.

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