Picking the right software for your company is a complicated task. This process is extremely bureaucratic due to the number of people that need to agree upon and approve of the software purchase. Often, the team that chooses or approves the software works separately from the team that uses the software. This can result in differing opinions on which software will be the best fit for its uses and users. Another challenge in choosing a software for a company is the trust in a software’s capability. Often IT teams are wary of implementing new software, simply for the reasoning that it may not work the way it was intended to.

With all this hassle involved in picking a software, it can be tempting to look for a “one size fits all” solution. A software to meet every need of the company. One single package that will be agreed upon by management once, sent to procurement for approval once and implemented/integrated with other applications once. This kind of solution would be ideal, but it may cause more harm than it’s worth!

The flaw in the one size fits all solution is its generic makeup. When one software is used for multiple departments such as finance, engineering, health and safety, etc., it may not meet the detailed needs of each team. Engineering alone is so diverse and requires software that is targeted towards specific niches within each engineering specialty. Engineering teams require technical data structures that are geared towards specific equipment and standards.

With software directly targeted at engineering and maintenance needs, teams can work more efficiently. Less time is spent on finding and updating data and more time can be spent on servicing machinery, thus wrench time increases. There are also fewer inaccuracies in the data, and the data is more complete. This results in less downtime, as well as decreased risks related to health and safety. Companies can comply with their corporate data standards as well as industry-specific standards such as ISO 14224, RDS-PP, and ISO 55000. All of these above benefits would otherwise not be experienced if burdened by a generic software solution.

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We help our customers become top performers in their industries through achieving excellence in operations and maintenance. We do this by providing them with the technology, consulting, and training they require to vastly improve the quality, accessibility, and control of their foundational asset and maintenance data. We work with some of the largest asset-intensive businesses in the world and have a breadth of experience serving the Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing, Chemicals, and Rail Transportation markets. Our Professional CMMS Services team stretches across the globe, providing our customers with direct access to the specialized skills they need to implement, configure, and learn to use our maintenance and asset data quality solutions.

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