Most asset-intensive companies understand the problems with their data usability, but don’t know the severity of inaccuracies in their CMMS or EAM system. This can lead to inefficient downtime, slow audits and wrench time wasted. If you cannot identify the areas causing the most problems, it takes a lot of effort and time to fix them. A data quality report can help in many ways.

  1. Identify Gaps and Inaccuracies

With a data quality report, you can ensure your asset and maintenance data is complete. You can use the data quality report to recognize missing data and look at the completeness of each project. You can also pre-set the criteria to what qualifies as high quality and complete data. A report generated by NRX Assethub will already highlight any gaps or irregularities.

  1. Track Compliance with Standards

Industry and corporate standards are usually required for asset and maintenance data. A data quality report can help evaluate compliance with these standards and will identify and highlight any issues. However, many companies choose to comply with ISO 12224 and ISO 15925 standards. NRX AssetHub will already analyze data compliance with standards and prove a full audit trail with accountability and confirmation of changes.

  1. Track Progress of a Data Build or a Cleanse

Companies often receive inaccurate updates for a data build project or a data cleanse. This is because a data quality report is not being used! Accuracy from data quality reports that provide real time updates. Where data is incomplete, the report can be used to automate additions. NRX AssetHub is proven to save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build. 

We can help

NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a powerful Data Quality Report that quickly and easily identifies the gaps and inaccuracies in their CMMS data. It also reports on non-compliances and operational integrity issues. Our customers rely on our solution to highlight asset and maintenance data inadequacies and provide easy to follow recommendations for fixing and improving the quality of their data. Find out more about the NRX Assethub data quality report here.

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