Although it may seem overwhelming, many asset-intensive companies will eventually undergo an EAM migration or upgrade. A successful EAM migration can have many benefits for the efficiency of maintenance processes and return on investment (ROI). To get the most out of the new system it’s important to follow certain best practices.

Reconsider Old Maintenance Plans

EAM migrations are a great opportunity in more ways than one. As a significant transition period, migrations provide an ideal time for asset-intensive companies to optimize and improve their maintenance plans. Significant time and expense and improved reliability can be achieved with a good optimization exercise.


Set Your EAM Migration as a Separate Project

Another best practice worth considering is setting up your EAM migration as a separate project from the rest of your ERP migration. This helps coordinate expectations and goals to stay on track during the process. Maintenance teams can conduct the migration in a systemized manner when an EAM migration is scheduled as a separate project. In addition, setting your EAM migration as an independent project allows for separate timelines, goals, and resources to be explicitly allocated to see the migration’s success.


Ensure Adequate Training

An integral part of a successful EAM migration is training maintenance technicians to use the new EAM/CMMS system. Maintenance and reliability professionals must know how to effectively use the new EAM/CMMS system to make the entire process worth the investment. The new system could be frustrating, confusing, and possibly even less effective without adequate training than the old system.


Improve Master Data Accuracy

Finally, when migrating from one EAM/CMMS system to the next, your asset and maintenance master data must undergo a thorough review and editing before importing it into the new EAM/CMMS system. Completing a data cleanse or quality improvement project before you load your data into your new EAM system is vital to ensure that the data you migrate into your new system is reliable and accurate.


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