beauty& wisdomBad CMMS Data?

What do old shoes and CMMS data have in common? They both become out of date quickly. They become worn and scuffed over time, even battered. They need attention periodically to keep functioning properly. If left alone long enough, they begin to decay. You get the picture. So when you are trying to figure out what to do with that out-of-date, neglected asset and maintenance data, why not treat it like a favorite old shoe?

Spit shine or a bit of polish?

If your old shoe is structurally sound, and has no obvious signs of wear and tear, perhaps all it needs is a bit of polish and a buffing. Same with your data: a bit of attention periodically can keep your data like new.

New soles, and your shoes (and data) are like new again.

When you’ve worn through the sole of your old shoe, you don’t just throw it out: you get a new sole put on the shoe. Soles are made to wear through, protecting the foundation of the shoe itself. When maintenance practices change and evolve, you don’t replace all of your equipment—you update your maintenance plans and task lists, and make sure you update your spare parts information to associate the correct parts.

Know when your shoes are ready to be retired

When your shoes are full of holes, when no amount of stitching or glue can put them back together, it’s likely time to let them go. When your asset data no longer reflects your in-place assets, it’s time to retire it, and replace it with something current. When your maintenance data no longer serves you, it’s as useless as an old shoe. Analogies are fun. Out of date, obsolete, and useless asset and maintenance data isn’t. We can help you determine whether your asset and maintenance data issues are minor, or if it’s time for a trip to the shoe store.

NRX AssetHub can help

Send us some sample data and we will give you a free assessment of the state of repair of your data. Sorry, we are not cobblers, so please don’t send any old shoes!

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