NRX AssetVisualizer has numerous benefits.

Read the previous blog to learn about NRX AssetVisualizer and what it can do for your organization.

Here’s a recap on what the NRX AssetVisualizer is:

NRX AssetVisualizer (part of the NRX AssetHub platform) is a visual asset, illustrated parts catalogue, and parts management solution that helps Maintenance, Reliability, and Supply Chain professionals visually identify and select the spare parts and vendor documentation they need to efficiently plan and execute maintenance work faster.

NRX Asset Visualizer allows organizations to:

  • Easily create and publish content (manuals), including parts lists, drawings and “hot Point” diagrams
  • Quickly and easily find all parts and service information related to an asset
  • Efficiently associate OEM parts numbers with existing internal parts numbers through an AI matching algorithm
  • Order parts accurately and reduce costs associated with excess stock
  • Easily visualize asset-related data in hierarchical format, via Hot Pointed site maps or exploded parts diagrams
  • Consolidate asset-related documentation into a single and reliable source
  • Improve reliability and reduce costs by increasing maintenance team efficiency
  • Improve safety and maintenance productivity by providing easy access to asset specifications and procedures

Now let’s analyze the benefits of the NRX AssetVisualizer:

  1. Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • Allows you to access illustrated parts catalogues and maintenance manuals for assets quickly directly from your EAM system
  1. Visual parts selection for work orders
  • Allows you to plan work orders faster.
  • Reduces errors in ordering parts for work orders.
  1. Build BoMs from vendor-recommended spare parts lists
  • Allows you to build BoMs faster.
  • Reduces the number of duplicate parts numbers created
  1. Virtual plant navigation
  • Allows you to find equipment and locations faster in your EAM or CMMS.
  • Identifies equipment in the asset hierarchy more quickly.
  1. IBM Maximo Asset Navigator replacement
  • Easy to replace your legacy Navigator solution

If you would like to learn more about NRX AssetVisualizer, please contact us, or book a demo today!

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