This week, we at HubHead announced the release of a new version of the NRX AssetHub platform (NRX AssetHub 6.3 SP3, as our Development team likes to call it). This release is exciting for us because it introduces numerous enhancements that make integrating NRX AssetHub with IBM Maximo not only possible, but intuitive and extremely easy to implement. With this release, NRX AssetHub introduces support for IBM Maximo maintenance processes for objects such as Assets and Locations.

This includes IBM Maximo processes like:

  • Preventive Maintenance Plans
  • Job Plans
  • Routes


Flexible Delivery Options

The latest version of NRX AssetHub offers multiple product installation options, each tailored to use the terminology and data models for specific EAM systems, including IBM Maximo. With this release, we have created a more personal experience for our customers. Maintenance terminology, processes, and technology vary widely from company to company. In response, we have made it our mission to ensure that the NRX AssetHub platform is flexible, adaptable, and suitable for a wide-range of asset-intensive organizations. This approach has allowed us to continue to deliver maintenance and asset data quality, data accessibility, and data monitoring solutions that really work. We continue to collect great feedback from our customers about how our solutions have helped them drive maintenance performance through cost savings, productivity, and asset performance.

Our Development Team is Excited

“As a company, we are focused on making it easy for our customers to build, manage, access, and visualize the asset and maintenance data they require to achieve excellence in operations and maintenance. The latest version of the NRX AssetHub platform is more connected with the specific processes, terminology, and data models familiar to customers running IBM Maximo. Simply put, we are giving our customers more flexibility to build and monitor the quality of their data, regardless of what EAM system they use.”
Dennis Wu | SVP, Engineering at HubHead

Replacing Maximo Asset Navigator

While we are on the topic of Maximo, I thought I would mention something about NRX AssetVisualizer (a module application that is available as part of the NRX AssetHub platform). NRX AssetVisualizer is the recognized replacement for Maximo Asset Navigator, the recently retired Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)  application that IBM no longer supports. As per the software withdrawal notice posted by IBM, Asset Navigator was withdrawn from support April 29, 2012. Installations of Asset Navigator cannot be upgraded beyond Maximo 7.1.1 and will not run on Windows 7.

NRX AssetVisualizer

NRX AssetVisualizer provides a Maximo-integrated, web-based solution that has been embraced by the Maximo community, with many improvements. The application allows organizations to easily create and publish content (manuals, parts lists, drawings, photographs, and plant maps), perform intelligent SKU-matching, and “hot point” diagrams. If you require a replacement solution for Asset Navigator and/or are looking to reduce the time it takes for your maintenance staff to find and order parts and equipment, I suggest you evaluate our solution.

You can also read more about the latest version of the NRX AssetHub platform in a press release we issued this week.
James McDermott | @ja_mcdermott
Vice-President, Marketing

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