One of the advantages of a start-up is we get to spend lots of time with customers. Most of our time is spent talking about how customers use our products, the benefits they get and sometimes even the name they call the product (all four letter names are generally suppressed!).

In the case of NRX, we found that most customers have been calling our AssetHub product simply “NRX” for some time. AssetHub, which is the official product name, is used less than the old corporate abbreviation “NRX”.

When it comes to product names, I am a believer in Shakespeare’s advice “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. So we listened to our customers and will follow their lead. We are calling our lead product NRX AssetHub. That way customers can easily use the “NRX” abbreviation they use today or the more functional description AssetHub. It’s their choice.

Regardless, it is important to understand that HubHead (the parent company) has a portfolio of software products. This includes NRX AssetHub, but also our widely used Illustrated Parts Catalogue application and Maintenance Mentor. All of HubHead’s products share unique but connected value propositions and create great pay-offs for our customers who use them.

NRX AssetHub helps ensure companies have accurate, complete, and validated data essential to maintenance productivity, safety and compliance. It provides built-in support for all standard Maintenance Master Data requirements, and ensures that organizations can manage the end-to-end business process of building, validating and handing over accurate Maintenance Master Data without having to rely on disconnected and cluttered spreadsheets.

NRX Parts Books is a complementary component and gives customers an Illustrated Parts Catalogue solution that helps Maintenance, Reliability and Supply Chain Professionals visually identify and select the Spare Parts and Vendor Documentation they need to safely and efficiently plan and execute maintenance work. It is easy to see how a Parts Books application can fit in as part of the core NRX AssetHub functionality.

The third HubHead product, Maintenance Mentor, lets our customers proactively solve information quality challenges for SAP Plant Maintenance. It provides a framework that lets customers simplify and streamline their Enterprise Asset Management processes. It simplifies work management for Mechanics, Maintenance Schedulers, Operators, and Supervisors and gives management the critical information they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

In all cases we want our customers to understand that HubHead stands behind the quality of the support and services we provide for these products. All are powered by the HubHead team.

Nigel Stokes | @MindAngler
Chairman & CEO

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