Using an EAM system is in the best interest of every asset-intensive company. If your company is not getting what it needs from your current system, it will make sense to migrate a new EAM system, but you might be apprehensive about embarking on such a significant project. Having the right EAM or CMMS system will be the backbone of your company’s data management. Here are some of the benefits associated with EAM migrations.

1. Drop bad habits and have a fresh start

An EAM migration is a significant transitionary period for an asset-intensive company. Your system will go through various changes, so this is an ideal time for companies to re-strategize their maintenance procedures. Revisit your business goals and assess whether your asset performance is aligned with your goals. What is the current state of your data? Is it 100% accurate, or are there gaps that need to be filled because it was neglected over time? Our corporate standards being met? If not, what changes need to be made to your data to fill those standards and ensure consistency? Any bad habits, whether it be inaccurate data, missing information, outdated machinery, or several gaps in your maintenance processes, can be changed with the right tools in place to extract maximum value from your new EAM system.

2. It’s the perfect time to implement proper training

One of our previous blogs, titled Training Maintenance Staff Also Has an Effect on How You Manage your Data, discusses the significant effects training or lack thereof for maintenance staff can have on your data integrity. A big part of extracting maximum value, it is critical that maintenance and reliability professionals know how to effectively use your EAM system to meet business goals and improve asset performance. For this to happen, your migration process should facilitate the learning and growth of maintenance professionals to ensure your new EAM system is used to its full potential.

3. Improving data accuracy

A data migration is a golden opportunity to evaluate the quality of your data. Is it accurate and aligned with corporate standards? If not, you should make sure that any bad data, duplicates, and gaps are removed because this will negatively impact your new EAM system’s ability to function correctly. In the end, the key to an effective and efficient EAM system is clean and accurate data.

Data migrations do not have to be difficult, provided the right measures are in place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. The NRX AssetHub solution offers a seamless migration platform with data management services to improve asset performance and abide by new maintenance procedures. If you need assistance with your data during an EAM migration, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you!

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