No matter if a business has a long or short history with using an EAM/CMMS system, migrating to a new one can bring a series of issues that’ll impact how successful it is once complete. Challenges such as low user acceptance rates and a general lack of trust in the asset and maintenance master data can be expected. Therefore, the quality of your data post-migration is going to directly impact the useability and acceptance of the new system by maintenance personnel.

What to Expect with Migrations Using Poor-Quality Data

Transferring poor-quality data into your new EAM/CMMS system will have consequences on your maintenance processes, the reliability of those services, and asset integrity. Businesses cannot expect maintenance professionals to be content with inaccurate or incomplete data in the database if they’re expecting an improvement in effectiveness. Maintenance professionals won’t use data they don’t trust, and neither would you.

Next, the effect of poor-quality data on maintenance processes can lead to decreased wrench time and inefficient use by skilled workers specializing in the field. Without a remedy, businesses should expect maintenance expenses to increase in the wake of poor-quality EAM/CMMS data – paving the way for increased overtime and reduced productivity.

In addition, poor-quality data is bound to increase failure rates and downtime when staff are frustrated or confused in the new EAM/CMMS system. In this situation, unscheduled repairs are much more common, increasing downtime and lowering productivity.


Here’s How to Avoid All of that

After all, implementing new EAM/ CMMS software is a lengthy process. You should especially consider a data cleanse or an audit to ensure that poor quality data does not get in the way of maximizing your new EAM software’s benefits. If you are planning a migration and would like to know more about setting up all your data in your target EAM, feel free to book a demo with us, and we’d be happy to get in touch with you!

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