Asset-intensive organizations rely heavily on effective management of spare parts to reduce costs while keeping operations running smoothly. Effective management and parts optimization includes stocking the recommended spare parts for critical assets, eliminating duplicate spare parts to reduce inventory costs, and having clear and available documentation that accurately identifies the parts required to maintain an asset.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of poor quality EAM or CMMS data on managing spare parts and how NRX AssetHub can help.


Spare Parts Optimization

Organizations stock what they believe to be the critical spare parts for key assets, to avoid extended production outages. They use data to determine which parts are critical, and the optimal number of parts to stock in each case. If the data they use to make these determinations is inaccurate, they stock the wrong parts, or stock insufficient quantities.

Parts Identification & Ordering

During day-to-day operations, it is routine for maintenance staff to need to identify, examine, and order parts. Unfortunately, modern Maintenance Management applications rarely provide the visual content maintenance professionals require to quickly and accurately access the information they need to carry out their jobs. This results in wasted effort spent verifying information, and can lead to ordering wrong inventory.

Incomplete and inaccurate EAM and CMMS data results in:

  • Duplicate spare parts being stocked
  • Critical spare parts being out of stock and then expedited
  • Stocking of spare parts for decommissioned equipment
  • Growing inventories of spare parts
  • Poor parts descriptions and ambiguous data
  • Increased capital spending on spare parts
  • Missed opportunities to reduce inventory



How Can We Help?

1. Visually Select Spare Parts for Work Orders

One of the things our customers use NRX AssetHub for is to visually select parts for CMMS work orders. They can open an electronic parts catalog directly from any major CMMS or EAM system, visually select the parts they need, and add them to the work order automatically. No more searching for the right part.

CLICK HERE to see how NRX AssetVisualizer makes it easy to find and select the parts you need.


2. Standardize Parts Descriptions

NRX AssetHub makes it easy to automate description standards, manage parts descriptions, and make spare part names consistent across your organization. We make it easy to differentiate and locate the correct parts fast so that timely repairs are made effectively and efficiently.

CLICK HERE to see how NRX AssetHub lets you automatically name a material based on its attributes as you create it, or run a job to rename existing materials in bulk.


For more advice on how to effectively manage your spare parts and/or repair EAM or CMMS data quality issues, call us at 1-877-603-4679

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