I am really excited to have joined HubHead as President and to be working with our CEO Nigel Stokes again. I am also confident that we can repeat the success we had with our last software business. In my first month on the job I have had the good fortune to meet many of our partners and customers. I am also starting to get to know the HubHead team as we collectively explore new territory and continue to build upon our flagship software platform, NRX AssetHub.

Building a great business starts with great people. I was delighted to learn that our customers and partners hold many HubHead employees in high regard. One customer told me he thought our Services and Support group was “fantastic”. Another singled out the HubHead Services team as being “great guys to work with.” This is important praise for our team – especially coming from some of the largest and most successful asset-intensive companies in the world. I heard similar messages repeatedly in my discussions with other customers and partners.

HubHead has great customers (5 of which are listed on the 2013 Fortune 500). Perhaps the most fascinating part of my first month at HubHead has been hearing about the challenges they face. The range has been immense. From the inherent difficulty of describing and maintaining complex assets (like a Railroad Roundhouse) to the grueling experience of getting into an immersion suit for a long and uncomfortable helicopter ride out to a platform. The majority of the people we interact with work on the front lines of their industries. With this, I have come to understand that these very same people face an incredible amount of complexity and risk in their day-to-day duties. Without a doubt, they fully understand the importance of effectively maintaining equipment and infrastructure to ensure the success of their business and the safety of their co-workers. You can’t help but be impressed by their dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the critical roles they play. It should come as no surprise that our mission at HubHead is to help make the jobs of these individuals – maintenance, reliability, and asset-integrity professionals – a lot easier.

From building maintenance task lists, SKU matching, or simplifying the generation of work notifications, we are entirely focused on helping our customers maintain their equipment and infrastructure in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. We are proud that our customers are leaders in safety and operational excellence and cherish our role in helping them achieve their goals.

Greg Dee | Linkedin Profile

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