Many asset-intensive companies suffer from inaccurate and incomplete data which can take a toll on their business.  Unfortunately for many organizations, communicating the value of a data cleansing solution plus justifying the financial benefits can be met with several objections. Furthermore, the fear of executing the work and coordinating staff can be extremely overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the reality is many companies continue living with their data quality issues. Not only does this make it impossible to improve maintenance operations, poor maintenance strategies directly impact major aspects of a company’s infrastructure including asset integrity, reliability, materials utilization, engineering and planning.

Some key examples of what many asset-intensive companies are frustrated with are:

Misnamed and Unclassified Parts in the EAM System

  • The current descriptions of parts do not adhere to any sort of naming convention and are not classified by part type with relevant characteristics recorded. This makes it harder to find and select the correct part or analyze the parts data

Duplicate Parts in the EAM System

  • Using existing processes, supply chain and maintenance inefficiencies occur because parts that are interchangeable get added to the EAM parts list multiple times creating unnecessary duplicates. As a result, this does not allow for an easy way to find and eliminate duplicates parts in the EAM system.

Obsolete Parts in the EAM System

  • Finding and eliminating obsolete parts in the EAM system becomes a challenging task.

Difficulty of Selecting Correct Parts to Plan, Schedule and Complete Work Orders

  • Bad data wastes the time of maintenance workers trying to identify what parts are required to complete a work order when there is no BOM or easy way to find and select the correct part in the EAM.

And unfortunately, the list goes on…

NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a scalable and simple-to-use software solution designed to help easily analyze data quality, quickly and easily identify inaccuracies and make the necessary adjustments while automating the cleansing process. In essence, it provides a number of out-of-the-box solutions that help streamline efficiency and maximize ROI.

For example, AssetHub gives customers the capability to create reusable standards for common data, prioritize data to make adjustments based initially on maximizing ROI, and make bulk changes efficiently to get the job done faster, thereby saving them time and money. In addition, this cloud-based solution allows maintenance and reliability professionals (including third party contractors) to filter and find existing parts easily, eliminate duplicates and obsolete parts, plus enforce standard naming conventions for parts (while retaining the legacy names) in an efficient and automated way. High-quality, complete, and accurate EAM data is what NRX AssetHub is recognized for, and is what we help our customers to achieve in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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