During your EAM Migration project, you encounter new asset and maintenance data that needs to be created and entered into your new CMMS solution. What do you do? Often the implementation team is led by IT who don’t have the knowledge to create the data. For example, entering in the length of time it takes to do maintenance tasks. Do you proceed to run with your existing legacy system, or do you wait until your new EAM system implementation is completed? Whatever your choice may be, you may still encounter problems in the long run; here is how.

Cost, complexity, effort

It is no doubt that your EAM system implementation is a lengthy project. During this implementation period, your assets changes and your maintenance procedures change. However, keeping your existing legacy system running in the background while your implementation is taking place leads to increased costs and effort since you now need to update information in two places.

Planning your project and going in-depth to create a new vision and execute it can help avoid longer than expected project times and any associated risks. Simultaneously, it is a good idea to keep the existing CMMS system’s information and data available. It’s also beneficial to understand the data requirements of your new EAM system when you plan your project so the appropriate resources are available to create and enter any data needed for the new EAM system to achieve it’s full potential. Don’t be tempted to enter 1 hour for all of your maintenance task durations or you will end up with a great scheduling solution without the data to make it useful.

Out with the old, in with the new

An EAM migration can help your organization achieve better maintenance and operations. If you are planning an EAM migration and concerned about how you’re going to migrate all of your existing asset and maintenance master data and how you are going to create any new data that is required, feel free to contact us to see how we can help!

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