An asset hierarchy allows companies to organize their equipment and machines stationed across various locations. It is critical for understanding how action on one machine affects other machines and establishing the parent-child relationship amongst multiple assets. An accurate asset hierarchy structured correctly is extremely valuable to asset-intensive companies and supports efficient maintenance practices.

Logical Organization

This one’s a no-brainer. It’s time technicians had an easier time locating assets to do their job. One of the easiest ways of accomplishing this is by organizing your EAM/CMMS system in an intuitive way that can make sense for everyone. This is especially crucial after an EAM migration where maintenance personnel need to learn the layout and functions of the new EAM/CMMS system. If the system is logical in its organization, technicians will have a much easier time adapting to the new system – reducing downtime and improving maintenance efficiency.


Make Costs and Reliability Info More Visible

When structured correctly, asset hierarchies become a solid foundation for asset management and help streamline maintenance and reliability practices. Information on asset costs and reliability need to be readily accessible by technicians. One way to achieve this is by having this information clearly stated and noted in reporting before less critical information – thus creating a hierarchy of info that prioritizes cost and reliability data before the other details. This information is going to be especially critical to import during an EAM migration.


Adopting Process-Oriented Standards

Improving asset hierarchy also might involve adhering to international standards for cross-border consistency. An international standard, such as ISO 14224 or RDS-PP, will allow organizations to follow clear standards and ensure uniformity across different locations and facilities. Here are several benefits of adopting such a standard:


ISO 14244:

  • Ensures consistency in data organization
  • Indicate failure trends
  • Improved decision-making regarding parts and equipment maintenance
  • Enhances regulator trust
  • Easier visualization and analytics
  • Improved supply chain efficiency



  • Improved planning and scheduling construction
  • Maintenance work becomes more efficient
  • Can compare reliability and financial performance


How NRX AssetHub Can Help You

Need help organizing your EAM asset hierarchy? We can help! NRX AssetHub can help you easily align your asset hierarchy with international standards such as ISO 14224 or RDS-PP. Looking to learn more about EAM migrations and how best to prepare for success? Book a demo or download our brochure for more.


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