Maintenance backlogs can be daunting. Most asset-intensive businesses have a backlog and struggle to prioritize how to reduce it. Having a large backlog is never ideal as they’re usually symptomatic of underlying issues that need to be addressed. This begs the question: How effective is your current EAM/CMMS system for identifying and fixing the underlying issues that create a large maintenance backlog? An EAM migration is the perfect opportunity to consider different ways to manage and reduce maintenance backlogs more effectively, and some of which may be new EAM/CMMS functionalities. With this in mind, part of the problem may be a need to effectively review and optimize your EAM/CMMS asset and maintenance master data which can be a significant challenge without the right tools to help you.

Improve Your Backlog Situation

An EAM/CMMS system, at its core, has one main duty: to manage the maintenance of assets within your company. Part of this management includes the assortment of maintenance tasks that have had to be delayed or pushed back for a multitude of reasons. With the help of a good EAM/CMMS planning and scheduling solution, these delayed or even missed tasks can be managed appropriately if your backlog isn’t too large. However, if it proves to be unmanageable, you may need quality analytics and an efficient solution for reviewing and updating your asset and maintenance master data to make your backlog manageable.


How We Can Help You

NRX software and services are the perfect solution to help you tackle your underlying backlog issues. If you are looking to get your backlogs back in check with a new EAM, be sure to reach out and book a demo.

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