Many asset-intensive businesses need help finding the information they need for planning, scheduling, prioritizing, and executing work in their EAM/CMMS system. A complete EAM/CMMS system increases efficiency and minimizes lost productivity. Consider benchmarking services to find an ROI-based roadmap to fix your EAM/CMMS system.

Missing Information

An EAM/CMMS system often needs critical information such as maintainable assets, production and safety-critical assets, vendor documentation, criticality, BOMs, maintenance plans, hierarchy structure, make, model, serial number, and part numbers. If this data is incorrect, it can lead to ordering the wrong maintenance parts on time, delays in work order processing, equipment failure, unnecessary downtime, etc. A common issue is that asset information in the EAM/CMMS system doesn’t match the engineering information on drawings and in engineering systems. This affects the usability, benefit, and effectiveness of your EAM/CMMS system compared to other asset-intensive businesses in your industry. The more missing data there is, the more unreliable and time-consuming using the EAM/CMMS becomes.


Benefits of Benchmarking

Benchmarking indicates the gaps between your EAM system practices and standards versus industry practices and standards. Benchmarking can also provide a visual roadmap with prioritized practical recommendations on fixing the gaps and improving your EAM/CMMS system regarding missing information. It also allows you to compare your master data against industry best practices to produce an ROI-based plan to maximize the benefit to your organization.


NRX AssetHub for Benchmarking Services

NRX AssetHub’s benchmarking services can provide actionable reports through an experienced services team and analyze significant problems with your EAM/CMMS master data. We have provided asset-intensive businesses across the globe with essential information to prioritize their improvement efforts to achieve the highest ROI quickly. See the brochure below and consider booking a meeting to get started and further understand how these services can be helpful in your asset-intensive business.


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