At NRX, we help customers lower the cost of building BOMs.  AssetHub lets you create, edit, visualize, review, and approve BOMs efficiently. The solution is highly visual and allows for easy identification and selection of parts. Using AssetHub, you can copy and paste equipment and associated maintenance objects (including BOMs), so you can reuse BOMs for identical or similar equipment.  AssetHub intelligently suggests appropriate BOMs for any given equipment. Using validation rules, you can ensure corporate standards and naming conventions for BOMs.  With AssetHub’s BOM capability you can:

  • Quickly Identify the Correct Parts to Plan, Schedule, and Complete Work Orders. AssetHub saves time by easily identifying which parts are required to complete a work order. Using visual parts selection makes it easy to select the correct part. You can add an exploded parts diagram to a piece of equipment, and then create a hot-point link between a part in the diagram and its associated part in the BOM. From a work order, you can easily access BOMs, parts catalogs, and other equipment-related documentation and drawings. You can quickly select the correct parts and information for any work order.
  • Easily Monitor the Progress of a BOM Building Project. Many asset-intensive companies use contractors to build out their BOM data in spreadsheets, and then try to load that data into an EAM system. Using AssetHub, contractors can build BOMs efficiently, and companies can oversee, review, and report on their work on a continuous basis. This reduces consulting costs and ensures high-quality, timely deliverables. Companies can also elect to have contractors hot point exploded parts diagrams for visual parts selection and associate relevant vendor documentation for the equipment when they build the BOM. Pre-validation by AssetHub ensures the data will load successfully to an EAM system.
  • Reduce the Costs Associated with Duplicate Parts. When building maintenance BOMs, AssetHub enables powerful search across all of the attributes of a material to find possible matches among existing parts in the EAM system. AssetHub lists all parts that match the search criteria from the existing list of parts. You can then select the appropriate match, avoiding the creation of duplicate parts. You can eliminate multiple searches in your EAM system to find parts and avoid creating duplicates.
  • Improve the Quality of Existing BOMs. With AssetHub, existing BOMs can be used to locate similar equipment with different BOMs attached, and eliminate duplication. When adding new equipment, AssetHub suggests existing BOMs, allowing you to reuse BOMs without creating duplicates.

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