User error is one of the most common causes of unexpected downtime in manufacturing, more than you might believe. Did you know? Human error is the most common cause of unplanned downtime in manufacturing compared to any other sector, according to a Vanson Bourne global study.

In one of our previous blogs, “Causes of Downtime in Manufacturing”, we discussed what is likely to be causing your downtime. The causes of downtime can range from many different factors, some of which include accidents, unavailable spare parts, poor shutdown planning, and poor criticality analysis.  For this blog specifically, we will be focusing on human error in manufacturing and how to reduce it.

“48% of manufacturers cite considerable room for improvement in proactively preventing problems with equipment assets”

Don’t Blame Your Workers!

In this day and age and with the technology we have now, it is becoming easier to detect human error in manufacturing. However, our processes still do not take into consideration human error prevention. Unfortunately, human error is responsible for more than 80% of failures and defects. The fact of the matter is that all humans make mistakes. Obviously, blaming workers every time they make a mistake will not be beneficial to the situation at hand. Playing the “Blame Game” will affect the worker’s trust and behaviour, which may cause additional errors.

Downtime Prevention and How We Can Help

Although we cannot completely eliminate human errors in manufacturing, we can instead address issues in the environment that they work in, as well as the data that they work with. NRX AssetHub can identify data quality issues through the use of reporting capabilities to highlight gaps and measure the completeness of the asset and maintenance data residing in EAM systems. NRX AssetHub can help you to increase maintenance efficiency and reduce downtime, which will ultimately reduce the cost you pay for unexpected downtime.


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