From following our posts, we will stress the importance of cleansing EAM/CMMS asset and maintenance master data prior to migrating to a new EAM/CMMS solution. Doing so can provide many benefits that ultimately help to ensure the success of the migration and optimize your new EAM/CMMS system. Identifying that your master data needs to be cleansed is the first step, but the next step is to figure out how to run the project effectively.

Prioritize Data

Prioritizing data means realizing that it’s unrealistic to expect everything to be fixed all at once. Instead, you should address the data issues that have the most significant impact on your company’s bottom line. The data that helps to make the maintenance process more efficient is what you should focus on. You should also prioritize your asset hierarchy since the organization of your assets is very difficult to change once assets are set up in a new system EAM/CMMS solution.

Measure Progress

To measure the quality of your data, you need to utilize at least 10-15 KPIs that help you measure how good it is per your goals and objectives. To visualize these KPIs and genuinely understand their significance, use a staging solution.

Align With Corporate Standards

Be sure to align your asset hierarchy with international standards such as ISO-14224, as it provides a wide range of benefits. For example, it can help to improve the reliability of your data by providing you with meaningful RM data for your equipment. To do so, you will have to invest in an EAM/CMMS migration solution that comes equipped with ISO 14224 compliance libraries. That way, you will easily align your asset hierarchy with ISO 14224 standards and identify data that doesn’t comply with standards.

Oversee The Project

To oversee the data cleansing process, you need to use a solution that comes with a staging area that will help you to find quickly, filter, search for and visualize data. This staging area must be accessible to all those who are part of the process to make collaboration easier. Also, those in authority can oversee the progress by seeing the work done and approving changes as they see fit.

Reuse High Quality Data

Through prioritizing your data, you should come to realize that not all of your data is bad. This is why prioritizing the data that has the most issues and is most significant to your ROI is key, as it will help you separate it from good data. Reusing existing data that is good will make the data cleansing process more efficient.

How NRX Can Help

NRXAssetHub can help in all of these areas. Our experts can show you how to prioritize your EAM/CMMS data and determine which data can be reused. Our solution can provide out-of-box characteristics to help comply with standards. We can provide a staging area to help measure progress well as oversee the data cleansing project. To learn more about our solutions, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.

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