Many warehouses face hurdles in maintaining their materials lists for important equipment. In an EAM system, a materials BOM captures spare part information for a piece of equipment. This information is used during maintenance to determine the correct spare parts to replace. Moreover, good quality BOMs are crucial if you’re attempting to have an efficient maintenance system. Here are several other reasons why quality is important to your maintenance BOMs.

To start, BOMs capture accurate parts data. In addition, they provide a record of recommended spare parts for maintenance workers. This ensures materials that are critical to productivity are prioritized through adequate stocking and maintenance. Therefore, accurate materials data translates to increased maintenance efficiency and improved maintenance KPIs.

BOMs also generate complete and effective work orders. They connect maintenance parts to equipment in an EAM system, making that data easily available for users to undergoing upkeep requests.


Next, good quality BOMs help increase operational efficiency by increasing overall wrench time and reducing time wasted between maintenance requests. Typically, users can see a boost in wrench time approaching 25% because the data maintenance workers are using is that much more efficient. In general, maintenance personnel waste far less time searching for data to identify the correct parts because a reference is available from an existing BOM.


Good quality BOMs also minimize the chance duplicate parts in the EAM/CMMS system are created. BOMs prevent maintenance personnel from resorting to adding new parts in the EAM system when they can’t locate the existing one. In addition, all identical equipment can have the same BOM, speeding the building of BOMs and making easier to ensure supply chain efficiency.


About NRX AssetHub and How we can Help

NRX AssetHub provides users with world-class software solutions to help them analyze, visualize, organize, and interpret maintenance parts information for upkeep requests. Are you interested in learning more about the implications on how to improve the quality of your BOMs? If so, download our brochure or book a demo!

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