Today, RDS-PP and KKS are the go to for power generation companies that want to adopt proper standards.

This is a classification system that will allow for systematic and accurate classification of all parts of a power generation plant. This identification system serves to identify sections of plants and items of equipment in any type of power plant according to task, type and location.

But why should you adopt RDS-PP or KKS? Let’s look at everything that is wrong with your current asset hierarchy! Many companies struggle with the following issues when it comes to organizing their asset hierarchy:

  1. Finding objects in the hierarchy
  2. Consistency within hierarchy
  3. No easy way to improve the asset hierarchy
  4. the lack of well define corporate standard for how to organize assets and locations into a hierarchy

These issues are found across many different organizations in many different asset intensive industries. Some find that there are no set structures within the hierarchy, meaning that similar objects are found in different places, making it highly confusing.

Benefits of adopting RDS-PP or KKS

Benefits for Suppliers

RDS-PP and KKS are great for suppliers because it provides a system that has already been mapped to a structure. This allows for an easier integration with the customers’ systems. It is easy and simple for integration. Not only is it easy to integrate, but it also standardizes the collection of information across your install base, allowing you to leverage big data! RDS-PP or KKS can help you sell additional services such as condition monitoring, parts, inspection and regular service including preventive maintenance and corrective repairs. Lastly, it’ll help reduce the confusion that can occur when different departments need to work together on a system.

Benefits for Power Generators

RDS-PP and KKS are great for power generators because it saves time. You’ll be able to decrease the amount of time spent identifying spare parts since everything has a unique identification number. You’ll also be able to build an RDS-PP or KKS compliant hierarchy in your EAM system and populate it with accurate parts information. Again, it’ll help reduce the confusion that may occur when different departments need to work on a system together, allowing it to be uniquely identified. Lastly, it allows for comparing of reliability and financial data from completely diverse plants.

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