Certain things are easier said than done. It is also easier to identify a problem than to create a solution for it. It is known that consultants tend to help companies by telling them what they need to fix but don’t always provide viable solutions to fix them.

So, why hire consultants?

Some may think that it is a good idea to hire someone who doesn’t work for the company to get a different perspective from an outsider. Or they want to hire someone with specialized skills to solve problems, but the thing is the majority of the time they don’t.

It is said by Harvard Business Law that, “Consultants do everything they can to learn and deliver value at the same time, under the constant risk of failure. The obvious way to gain knowledge is to ask direct questions. But if consultants try that, they risk looking uninformed or just useless. Clients might reason, “We shouldn’t have to train you!”.

When you hire a consultant, you as the client are paying them to come and learn about your business and give their own knowledge back to you in a well-formatted presentation.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a consultant if you don’t know what the problem is with your company, but if you do have an idea, then Just Fix it! Why hire someone else to come and tell you what your problem is?

If your company is having problems with maintenance and operations, let NRX AssetHub Just Fix it!

Organizations that use the NRX AssetHub platform and its module applications experience increased productivity, increased efficiencies, and cost savings in virtually all aspects of maintenance and operations.

We help our customers save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build by making it easier and faster. We help our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% by making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find information. We help our customers realize a savings of up to 10% of the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations.

So if you’re ready to Just Fix It! Book a demo or contact us.





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