Why is it so tempting to put off doing a corporate data cleanse? Partially, the huge upfront cost. Companies would much rather spend on something that is tangible like brand new equipment, or larger facilities. Then there is the manpower required to efficiently run a company wide data cleanse. Several players need to be involved in this process to make sure that data is complete, accurate, and complying with the EAM system. This takes an astronomical amount of time, especially when bureaucracy slows down the progress.

Eventually, the following issues become too problematic, and the data cleansing project will have to be confronted.

  • Misnamed and unclassified parts
  • Duplicate parts
  • Obsolete parts
  • Difficulty selecting the correct parts to plan, schedule and complete a work order
  • Time lost in reliance on EAM resources and EAM specialists
  • The difficulty with supply chain related analytics, reporting and optimization

A phrase we all love and can relate to is “best bang for your buck.” This blog will show you how to do this for your data cleanse. The truth is, that a data cleanse initiative DOESN’T have to break the bank. Here’s how.

Prioritize the data that you cleanse. Many companies make the mistake of cleansing their entire master data set, including data that is not pertinent to daily tasks. We recommend that you start with data that has the greatest impact on lost revenue or inflated cost. For example, focusing on equipment that constantly causes downtime could have a high impact on increased revenue and lowered cost. Make sure to cleanse the specific equipment data including data found in task lists, hierarchies and BOMs. Make sure to solve problems with the goal of increasing production and thus increasing revenue. Additionally, you could evaluate which subsystems have the greatest impact on ROI, and then reuse data cleansing work in similar subsystems.

These tips are a great start to an efficient data cleanse. For more information check out our Whitepaper on an Effective Data Cleansing Project. To find out more about how NRX AssetHub can help you save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred on a data cleansing project contact us for a demo!

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