For many asset-intensive companies, complete and accurate data is a recipe for success. However, while your asset and maintenance data may be complete and accurate, it will start to rust as assets are upgraded or decommissioned. If the master data is not constantly updated in the EAM/CMMS system, everything will get outdated. From people costs to operational costs, bad data will affect everything. Failure to maintain and update EAM/CMMS data will lead to repairing data which can be extremely costly and inefficient.

Convert Your Data with Ease

An important aspect of cleansing and repairing bad data is being able to convert your data for acquired assets to a new corporate standard with ease. Understanding what data is incorrect, incomplete and out of compliance with current corporate standards is crucial. Obtaining this data is difficult and time-consuming, thus you need a solution to help you find and resolve data quality issues quickly and easily.

Optimize or Change Maintenance Strategies

Many asset-intensive companies go through various changes to the way in which they maintain their assets. Without a strong data foundation, many businesses fail to realize the potential value of the technology and struggle to correct the underlying issues. Being able to easily determine asset criticality and learn what actions to take, will heavily influence the creation of maintenance strategies for the operation.

Ensure CMMS Data Reflects Physical Plant

Confirming that your digital asset data is accurately consistent with your physical environment is very important. When there are inconsistencies in the data, it can result in unplanned shutdowns due to unstocked spare parts, lost wrench time as a result of parts and equipment searches and duplicated or overstocked spare parts inventory. Therefore, you need a solution that helps you update your digital data quickly and easily.

Optimize Inventory and Eliminate Duplicates

Being able to find parts effectively in your procurement system helps avoid the creation of duplicates.  Matching vendor recommended parts information to descriptions in your procurement system is critical.  This is important whether you are looking for a single part in connection with maintenance or adding an inventory of spares in connection with a capital project.

NRX AssetHub is the complete solution to help with optimizing and repairing data!

We help our customers identify and repair critical gaps, duplications, and errors in their asset and maintenance data in their EAM or CMMS system. We give them the power to validate changes to data against corporate and industry standards, enrich their data with visual and enhanced content, and improve maintenance and operations performance by up to 10% by helping them apply the right maintenance strategies to corresponding assets, and optimize their spare parts inventory.

To learn more about how we can help fix repair and optimize your asset and maintenance data, download our brochure here.

If you would like to learn more about how NRX AssetHub can assist your organization, contact us at 1-877-603-4679 or book a meeting today!

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