When dealing with a work order, efficiency is key. So, how can you improve efficiency? Being able to quickly find and visualize your assets, equipment and parts is critical. Many asset-intensive organizations don’t realize that their method of locating assets and equipment may not be the best method that there is. But what if there’s a way that you can increase your wrench time and save in ongoing maintenance and operations costs? Let’s look at how you’re able to increase efficiency through better visualization.

  1. Illustrated Parts Catalog

Maintenance personnel often require spare part information from a maintenance parts catalog when creating maintenance plans, tasks lists or bill of materials. If it is missing or misplaced, often maintenance personnel waste their time looking for a parts catalogue. If you had all your information at your fingertips, in a single source that is applicable to your assets, your maintenance personnel will ultimately save wrench time.

  1. Visual Parts Selection for Work Orders

Having an electronic parts catalogue is convenient and efficient when it comes to needing to locate the part information. When you’re creating a work order in an EAM or CMMS system, your maintenance staff need to include that information for the work to be performed. If your parts catalogue is not of easy access, they lose a lot of their time searching for it. Having easy access to the electronic parts catalogue increases the wrench time as it allows for your maintenance personnel to execute work orders faster and reduce errors in work orders as well!

  1. Build BOMs from Vendor-Recommended Spare Parts Lists

Maintenance staff in asset-intensive companies are challenged to build comprehensive maintenance data for assets, including complete and accurate bills of materials. When access to vendor documentation is limited, building a BOM is time consuming. Finding a way to easily view the list of vendor-recommended spare parts for an asset in the visual parts catalog allows your maintenance personnel to build BOMs faster.

  1. Virtual Plant Navigation

In an asset-intensive organization with lots of locations and equipment, your maintenance personnel may struggle to correctly identify the equipment that is the subject of a work order.   Often they will need to visit the location to ensure the correct equipment and parts have been identified.  This wastes time and effort that could be avoided if they were better able to identify locations and equipment online. By having an online plant map that allows for navigation through a large facility, your maintenance staff will be able to find and select equipment and locations faster and more accurately for work orders. They will be spending more time on performance maintenance and also be able to quickly and easily find the data for that equipment in the asset hierarchy.

Looking to improve your asset and parts visualization and improve efficiency in your asset intensive company? We can help

NRX AssetVisualizer (part of the NRX AssetHub platform) is a visual asset, illustrated parts catalogue, and parts management solution that helps Maintenance, Reliability, and Supply Chain professionals visually identify and select the spare parts and vendor documentation they need to efficiently plan and execute maintenance work faster.

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