In today’s society, technology controls our lives. No one seems to be able to function without their smartphone, computer or tablet. Technological advancements boomed in the market in a short amount of time, and now people cannot imagine a life without it.

Brian Arthur of the Santa Fe Institute believes that Technology evolves; “machines started as disparate pieces of seemingly unconnected technologies, but like humans, they also have an origin and a process of evolution.

Each day, more and more companies use cloud-based services for their business and store everything online instead of on a single device like a floppy disc or CDs. These constant technological changes will have a significant impact on the way businesses run, our once-traditional office environments and the way people interact with one another or other companies.

Netflix was originally a DVD delivery company, where they delivered your favorite movie via mail. At this point, binge-watching wasn’t as common. Now, people are opting for digital streaming and video services like modern Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, instead of cable.

New technology has changed the way people work and operate and has created new expectations, and new opportunities.

So what triggers these changes in technology?

Advancements in technology are driven by purpose. For instance, search engines were invented to help sort through large amounts of online data. Many of our inventions today are focused on creating faster ways of communicating with each other, and we generate more data than a human can comprehend. Each day, there is an upgrade in technology.

Although it may feel like too much work and effort to keep up with all the technological changes, we need to remember that it is essential for your company to explore new technologies, to help enhance your business and keep up with the high-speed pace of companies and ultimately it will help you add value to your business. Not only will you improve your own company, but it will help make sure you don’t miss opportunities or fall behind your competitors.

At HubHead, we focus on two things that will affect your future in manufacturing; knowledge retention and adopting new technology. We realize that your knowledge is valuable and needs to be transferred for the next generation of employees. We also are forward thinking and early adopters of new technologies to support a smart, fully integrated factory. If you would like to start planning your succession plan for a smooth knowledge transfer, read about the top 5 reasons maintenance organizations need to change or contact us today.


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