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Digital Transformation is the process of devising new business applications that integrate all the digitized data and digitized applications. Where there is a fundamental change in leadership, culture, and mindsets, with digital at the core enabling speed-to-value delivery of new products and services that customers love.

An organization might undertake a series of digitalization projects, ranging from automating processes to retraining workers to use computers and it is extremely important to take advantage of digitalization to create completely new business concepts.

Some major game changers when it comes to digital transformation are:

Artificial Intelligence: Using AI, field services can be improved to guarantee the quickest service is performed by the most qualified technician.

Predictive Maintenance: By having sensors programmed into machines, that can detect breakdowns and malfunctions in advance, makes it possible to repair the machine in advance to avoid costly downtimes and low productivity times.

Digital transformations can lead to huge savings in the most valuable manners, with time and money. It can also increase security and improve day-to-day processes.

Today, a company’s future vision should include digital transformation, in order to grow and continue to compete against its innovative competitors within its industry.

So, how NRX AssetHub can help?

We provide maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems.

Organizations that use the NRX AssetHub platform and its module applications experience increased productivity, increased efficiencies, and cost savings in virtually all aspects of maintenance and operations.

The digital transformation to IIoT requires more than adopting new technologies. It requires changes to people, processes and to information management. Without an effective system to manage asset information you will not be successful in adopting IIoT.

We help our customers plan where and how to implement IIoT and condition monitoring for maintenance and operations. Contact us today, to learn how we can help your company through your digital transformation.

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