Have you looked through your EAM data recently and realized that it is difficult to analyze and identify inaccuracies? When your EAM data is all over the place, it is hard to make the necessary adjustments when automating a cleansing process. Detoxing your data will not only improve the efficiency of your company but will also allow you to effectively maintain and operate your assets. With cleansing your EAM data, you can save at least 25% of the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations!

Let’s look at the 3 steps you must take to detox your data!

  1. Identify Gaps and Inaccuracies in Your Data

To start off, you will need to identify the gaps and inaccuracies in your data. You want to be able to have a complete view of your asset hierarchy to highlight gaps and measure the completeness of the assets in your EAM systems!

  1. Edit and Validate Your Data

Once you’ve identified data quality issues, you will be able to accelerate your data cleansing process. Having an out-of-the-box support for standards such as ISO 142274 will make it easier for you to validate your data against standards and industry best practices.

  1. Deploy Cleansed EAM-Ready Data

After you’ve identified, edited and validated your data, you will be ready to deploy your data into your EAM and other maintenance and reliability systems. When your data cleansing process is finished, you can launch your EAM and other systems with absolute confidence that it is populated with a complete and accurate record of your maintenance and asset-related master data.

Cleansing your data has never been easier with our solution.

NRX AssetHub has intelligent filtering that allows you to focus on areas of concern when you are identifying gaps and inaccuracies in your data. By making it easy to find issues pertaining to data quality and completeness, our solution will provide you the information needed to repair what is broken.

Our solution also has features such as smart search and filtering to help you locate records, templates and intelligent suggestions to automate data input, bulk changes to multiple objects, direct editing and much more. We provide a comprehensive audit trail, providing accountability, and verification of changes as required as well.

High-quality, complete, and accurate EAM data is what NRX AssetHub is recognized for, and is what we help our customers to achieve in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Want to learn more about cleansing your EAM data with us? Download the brochure here!

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