Like Titanic, we may often only notice just the tip of the iceberg. While it is easy to overlook seemingly small problems (root causes), the rest of the iceberg could be much bigger and more complex. Are you an asset-intensive company that struggles with seeing the bigger picture? Data visualization helps to display all of your asset and maintenance data in a way that can be easily understood, and provides you with a better method to easily examine the rest of the iceberg below the surface level. This way, you can find and visualize your asset and maintenance data quickly and accurately.

What is Data Visualization

Data visualization can be defined as a way to present a collection of data visually, whether it is being projected with graphics, charts, maps and many more. By presenting the data in simpler formats and methods, data visualization makes data easily consumable to the human eye due to the way we process information. Many asset-intensive organizations may struggle with locating their assets and equipment due to their inefficient methods, but this is where data visualization comes in.

Data visualization tools can aid the process of searching for assets and equipment more efficiently. Moreover, data visualization allows for easy detections of patterns, resulting in an improved decision-making processes. Not to mention, asset-intensive companies can use data visualization to help solve complex problems, and this may even result in newer and more efficient processes.

The Solution

Preparing your asset and maintenance data for visualization is easy and we can help you get started! NRX AssetHub provides maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with outstanding solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building and organizing asset and maintenance data. NRX AssetVisualizer is a part of our NRX AssetHub platform, which helps visually identify and select the correct spare parts, along with vendor documentation to efficiently plan and execute maintenance work.


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