Life gets busy, and things can start to pile up. Some of us may try to avoid the mess for as long as they can. But inevitably, if that clutter does not get cleansed, it can get worse. The same thing could also be happening to your data. It is important to ask yourself: when was the last time a data cleansing project was initiated, and do you need a data cleanse immediately? Leaving your data for too long and failing to maintain and update EAM and CMMS data can have severe consequences. That data may easily become outdated and no longer useful to your organization. It’s no surprise that bad data can affect everything and is costly and inefficient to repair.

It may be hard to tell when you need a data cleanse, but here are 6 common telltale signs when it comes to finding out whether your business needs a data cleanse…

If your organization has faced:

  1. Drastically increased maintenance costs
  2. Parts overages
  3. Decreased maintenance productivity
  4. Exposure to EH&S (environment, health & safety) risks
  5. Critical and unexpected downtime
  6. Time lost searching for information

Bad data is bad for business, but there is a solution…

How to Run an Effective Data Cleansing Project
  • Prioritize data
  • Measure progress
  • Adopt and set standards
  • Oversee the project
  • Maintain and retain legacy data
Get your EAM Data Right with NRX Assethub

NRX AssetHub helps identify data quality issues using strong reporting capabilities to highlight gaps and measure the completeness of the asset and maintenance data residing in the EAM systems. Intelligent filtering allows our customers to focus on areas of concern such as knowing when to service a part prior to it becoming a problem.

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