Over many generations, it has been firmly ingrained within the minds of the general public that working in an office from 9 to 5 is the best way to boost productivity and complete tasks as given; sounds strange, doesn’t it? We’ve all grown up to believe that this isn’t just the best way to work for years and years on end, but rather the only way to effectively push through our professional endeavours. Only until recently have we begun to realize that working remotely is an effective, viable alternative to achieving the same results through a drastically different method. Given the current situation many of us are in, we’ve had to opt to take this alternative method of remote work and make it the new norm. However, it’s important to take a step back and realize how it’s all possible in the first place: through virtual work.

Virtual Work for Collaboration

Seamless collaboration between coworkers is vital to the operations of a company in order to fulfill needs efficiently and rapidly. Virtual work has been able to enhance collaboration capabilities immensely through the ability to connect with anyone, from anywhere, at anytime. Workers are able to work on the same files simultaneously, conveniently communicate with each other through messaging services, and even develop new work-related skills together through company-endorsed eLearning courses and tutorials. When it comes to employees undertaking similar tasks, virtual work is arguably the best way to ensure a high degree of communication and work ethic amongst the group.

NRX AssetHub is a Collaborative Tool

We’re big fans of virtual work. In fact, NRX AssetHub allows your asset and maintenance data to be stored within a cloud-based service. This way, employees are able to easily work with any information they need at a moment’s notice with the ability to edit, alter, or remove data alongside their colleagues. More can be achieved when people work together. Our team continues to work effectively both together and with our customers to deliver asset and maintenance master data projects during these difficult times.

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