With the focus of the modern CMMS being data-on-demand, the accessibility of maintenance information has never been easier. Most major EAM solutions have a mobile feature that can be used with portable devices. As a result, asset-intensive companies have started using hand-held devices in order to get their CMMS unplugged

These mobile features have a number of benefits that can lead to an increase in efficiency, wrench time and savings. It’s no wonder that businesses are opting for further integration of CMMS into maintenance practices. If you haven’t given it some thought yet, here are some reasons to go mobile.

1. Real Time Data Entry

One of the key benefits to mobile functionality in a CMMS the ability to enter data immediately. This is a huge improvement to the gaps in information which typically occur between the time a problem is established, and a work order is filed. For example, if an employee realizes that a pump requires maintenance or a new part, instead of having to commit to memory or write it on an easily misplaced sheet of paper, they can submit a report instantly via a tablet. This is a simple solution to a common problem. By investing in portability, you save on logistical costs due to misinformation.

Information that isn’t readily available also loses its value. It helps other employees plan their day, management to monitor expenditures, and aids in making projections for the future. In the modern world, outdated data shouldn’t be accepted, it should not even be occurring.

2. Offline Capability

As portability becomes more refined, some CMMS have begun providing offline features. Certain capabilities may be available such as storing parts lists, completing maintenance requests and asset requests on a device temporarily, until it can be uploaded to the cloud for everyone else to see.

This can have advantages when equipment fails unexpectantly and a connection isn’t available or in remote locations where Wi-Fi might not accessible. The momentary storage of information will help make sure data is reported accurately, and that problems can be solved reactively.

3. Global Connection

Due to the convenience of real-time data, global divisions are more connected than ever. Communication between employees, divisions and management takes seconds, which helps keep everyone on the same page. With a mobile solution, workers can update stakeholders on every aspect of their operations, keeping the business informed.

Free flowing communication helps management make decisions and gets workers onboarded to new projects faster; time is no longer wasted establishing what needs to be done. It can also help with warehouse walkdowns, as inventories can be established immediately, which increases accuracy and prevents data mismanagement.

How We Can Help

HubHead helps asset-intensive companies get their data right. With mobile integration, asset visualization and parts books solutions, we ensure that our clients can access high quality EAM data anytime, anywhere. If you would like to see how we can help get your data unplugged, book a demo or contact us at 1-877-603-4679.

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