Cloud technology is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. While it is quickly transforming some industries, others are being left in the dark ages. This is a bandwagon that you should definitely get on, but first, you need to know what the cloud is. If you are using LinkedIn, Netflix, or Google Drive then you are already a user of cloud products.

The cloud is essentially composed of a network of servers. This is a physical location where all of the data is being stored. The data can be stored or accessed from any device through online data transfers. Cloud technology serves multiple business purposes from the earlier mentioned storage and access of data to the hosting of web applications such as newer versions of SAP and Maximo.

How Cloud Based Data Management Will Transform your Business

  1. Using cloud technology will result in increased business agility if you need to change the number of users or amount of data. This used to be a tedious process where you needed to order, implement, and configure hardware, install the full glw stack, and test and deploy it. All of this work was needed in order to scale up. This requires participation from many different departments including IT, procurement, finance, and others which could take months or longer. Now you can flick a magic Amazon switch and will be running efficiently in minutes.
  2. It allows for better support and service. In the cloud, we have a variety of monitoring and performance tuning tools running to optimize your deployment. And yes, even debugging tools to fix the odd issue that comes up. Rather than an endless loop of broken telephone tag with your internal IT support teams to identify, diagnose and fix issues that can take weeks or months, we can improve things in an hour.
  3. Get started quicker. Business agility will continue to improve as we constantly test and deploy product innovations to the cloud at a speed no internal IT organization mired in overlapping bureaucracy and testing cycles could ever achieve. Your business users will be more productive and your business more agile.
  4. Cost is drastically reduced. Without cloud technology, your internal IT support costs are ridiculously high, guaranteed! Moving to the cloud will reduce these costs and services to business users will improve.

We Can Help You Move to The Cloud

We are an enthusiastic early adopter of cloud technology. NRX has worked on Amazon for years and we have guided many of the world’s largest asset intensive companies onto the cloud. Currently, most new CMMS and EAM systems are cloud based solutions. If you are considering switching from your legacy system to a newer version, NRX can help you transfer your data. Companies typically have issues with data being lost or changed during the transfer, the tedious manual process, and the errors that stop data from loading. NRX AssetHub is a software solution that addresses these issues. As you migrate your data, it is also a convenient time to cleanse and repair your data. NRX will help with data builds so that you can load your new data into the CMMS and EAM systems. We understand that the process of switching to new data management practices is not easy so we provide a service that will migrate your data quickly while maintaining its accuracy and integrity. Find out more here.

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