When your asset-intensive company requires maintenance BOMs, what do you do? Do maintenance workers have to figure out what parts are needed and track down vendor maintenance documents? Or do they find the recommended spare parts lists and figure out what is needed? There are endless possibilities but very few effective solutions that will save your company from all your maintenance troubles. Why go through this time consuming and costly process when you can simply build better maintenance BOMs!

But what are “better” BOMs exactly? Many businesses already have existing BOMs that do the job so isn’t that enough? There are several reasons why an asset-intensive company should consider building better, more effective maintenance BOMs. Let’s take a look at the different benefits to having accurate maintenance BOMs.

What are the benefits of building Accurate Maintenance BOMs

1) Quickly identify the correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work orders

Time is money in an asset-intensive company. A solution that is time consuming should not be considered an effective solution. This is why building a better BOM should help maintenance personnel save time by easily identifying which parts are required to complete a work order. Another key component for a good BOM is the ability to help create diagrams that will then link to the associated part that is being searched for.

2­)    Easily monitor the progress of a BOM building project

When it comes to a work-in-progress, often time’s companies want the ability to monitor the progress of the project they are working on. This is no different with a BOM building project. With good BOMs, companies should be able to oversee, review and report on their contractors work on a continuous basis. Easy monitoring allows for less services fees and ensures high-quality, timely deliverables.

3)    Reduce the costs associated with duplicate parts

High costs and inefficiency is not what an asset-intensive company wants or needs. With an even better BOM, companies should be able to easily search the criteria of all the existing parts. Having a BOM that allows for easy selection of appropriate matches allows companies to avoid the creation of duplicate parts. When less duplicates are created, time and money is saved.

How To Build Better BOMs

NRX AssetHub allows you to create, edit, visualize, review, and approve maintenance BOMs efficiently. Our solution is highly visual and allows for easy identification and selection of the parts required. Not only do we have everything that an efficient BOM should include, but we also help you lower the cost of building maintenance BOMs. In addition, we improve the quality of your existing BOM!

By using AssetHub, you can copy and paste equipment and associated maintenance objects (including BOMs), so you can reuse BOMs for identical or similar equipment. AssetHub intelligently suggests appropriate BOMs for any given equipment. Using validation rules, you can ensure corporate standards and naming conventions are implemented accurately.

If you would like to find out more about how NRX AssetHub can help you easily and efficiently manage and approve changes to your EAM master data, contact us at 1-877-603-4679 or book a demo today!


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