Asset-intensive companies strive to have complete and accurate asset and maintenance master data in their EAM or CMMS systems and to be able to analyze the quality of this data. When companies migrate to a new EAM or CMMS system, they will experience many benefits. However, the effectiveness of their new EAM or CMMS system will be impacted by the quality of the asset and maintenance master data. Poor-quality master data can hinder the intended benefits of an EAM upgrade and impact the ROI and overall effectiveness of the new EAM system. If high-quality data is essential for an efficient asset-intensive company, why do so many organizations struggle with inaccurate EAM or CMMS data?

Gaps and Inadequacies in Data Cannot be Identified

For the master data in your EAM or CMMS system to be accurate and complete, you must identify the gaps and redundancies in your master data and determine where you may be missing information such as task lists or asset data. Otherwise, a company will be unable to locate the right tools for the proper repairs when required. Many companies struggle with identifying gaps and inadequacies in their master data – because there are no apparent signs that display what is missing.

No Established Standard for Data Compliance

Companies want the ability to measure the compliance of their master data against an established standard. This allows you to identify the areas of concern and focus on the areas that affect operational integrity. However, without a standard for measuring these areas against, companies will continue to struggle with the accuracy of their master data.

Unmonitored Progress of a Data Build

During a data build, companies want to be able to track progress in real-time. Companies struggle because they need to observe the data build as it progresses and drive the changes required to make their data complete and compliant during a data repair project. When organizations are not constantly monitoring the progress and quality of the data build project, problems arise that may impact data quality.

No Communication Regarding Data Quality Issues Between Organizations and Contractors

Communication is key during a data build. Companies need to generate reports that communicate data quality issues to consultants and contractors responsible for providing handover information. These reports highlight issues that might otherwise be difficult to measure and communicate. If this communication is not present, your organization will not have a detailed breakdown of errors and omissions in the data and will not stay on top of the project as a result. You will also not verify the progress reported by your contractors or track the results of the project.

NRX AssetHub, powered by HubHead Corp., provides asset-intensive businesses with world-class software for visualizing, building, editing, organizing, governing, and sustaining high-quality asset and maintenance data for their EAM and CMMS systems. NRX AssetHub also provides asset-intensive companies with a powerful data quality report that quickly analyzes and evaluates data quality to identify the gaps and inaccuracies in the asset and maintenance master data. If you would like to find out more about how NRX AssetHub can help you simplify your EAM and CMMS data quality analysis, book a demo, and our team would be happy to help you!

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